About GalleryVela And Us

About GalleryVela

Well there are more interesting pages in the website you can see instead of about me and about the site. But if you really want to know what is GalleryVela then i can say that this is a source of information which is started only after a happening. Actually we have planned to make this website for some awesome pictures and wallpapers but then we realise that that is not good to use other’s pic.

So we decided to write something in which we can provide you a best of the best knowledge so we choose a topic which is related with parenting and baby care. As we are a responsible couple who are handling our babies from 3 years and planning another one too in some time. So we are very much experience about these things and we can help the people who are facing some issue during these days.

We always love to help the peoples so we decided to write some article over this topic and we will try to be sure that you all will surely love these article as they will be all about most sensitive period of your life where you cant made any mistake and only a single mistake can damage your whole life for sure.


About Us

As i said you earlier that i am not a single person, my husband always with me in this blogging phase and he promise me that he will help me in every step of this blog working. So let me introduce my self as my name is Ishita which can be known as owner of Galleryvela.com. Thank you…..